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About Spencer Engineering

About Spencer Engineering

When D Spencer Engineering LLC was founded in October of 2009, Don Spencer, Owner/President, brought 22 years of service and experience along with a renewed energy and highly competent staff.  The firm’s philosophy is to provide owner driven designs in a timely, meaningful and cost effective way.  Cost effective, correct, concise, and meaningful designs are most important to the firm.  This core belief drives our approach to all designs. 


D Spencer Engineering, LLC provides Mechanical, Electrical, Fire Alarm and Plumbing engineering design services for the building construction industry.  We have a versatile team of engineers who specialize in the disciplines indicated.  A wide range of expertise and depth of experience enables our team to complete even the most complicated design and engineering projects with ease.  Our designs comply with all industry codes and standards, including but not limited to; current International Building/Trades codes, ASHRAE standards, and SMACNA standards.


We take pride in providing our clients with innovative, creative and custom engineering designs and services, while at the same time maintaining focus on the economic and scheduling impact to a project.  We efficiently handle all levels of owner provided ideas and submissions, from the conceptual sketch to the final product. 


Spencer Engineering's Vision

As the founding Principal of Spencer Engineering, LLC, Don believes that engineering is most successful when high-level visions and ideas are married with real-world approaches to achieve the best, most economical solution.  Engineering represents innovation and discovery as well as an understanding of the most apparent yet subtle differences between complexity and simplicity.  Simplicity is not meant to represent or be construed as underachievement or a compromise in quality, but rather a very directed common sense approach to the most challenging of obstacles.  While life safety and the protection of the public is at the forefront of an engineer’s responsibility professionally, morally and ethically – it is having a broader understanding of the desired outcome, through the application of various engineering disciplines that makes the professional oath and obligation much easier to obtain.


While it is understood that the engineering industry is, and will forever be a changing and fluid industry, Don believes that young engineers and designers must be well trained academically while at the same time, possess a natural talent and curiosity that enables inventive visions to flourish.


It is with this core belief and approach that he founded D Spencer Engineering, LLC with the intent to provide meaningful, economical and timely designs to meet the challenges of our client’s ever-changing needs.


The Spencer Engineering Difference

  • Long standing relationships with most major national landlords

  • Our fees are reflective and representative of quality of work

  • Quick responsiveness to clients needs and desires

  • Open and honest feedback about questionable design practices and elements

  • Clients in all 50 states including Canada and Puerto Rico

  • Excellent relationships with Industry leading representative and manufacturers of HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing products

  • Large enough staff to accommodate projects large and small, while still focusing on small company values and responsiveness.Each member of our engineering staff has interdisciplinary design experience which enables them to fill in where needed on any project.

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